Overview Overview
GNUWorld is an IRC pseudo-server. This means that it is an IRC server which does not accept client connections. Its purpose is to provide services to the network and its operators and administrators.

GNUWorld provides a simple and sophisticated framework for managing IRC services clients. Any number of clients may be added to GNUWorld (to the limit of the IRC protocol that is), each providing one or more distinct services for the network.

With this flexibility, GNUWorld can be used for almost any purpose, on and off of IRC. Although not currently implemented, building web pages dynamically, accepting telnet and DCC connections, even providing HTTP services are well within the bounds of GNUWorld's capabilities.

GNUWorld is written almost entirely (98%) using the C++ programming language. C++ was chosen because it is an object oriented programming language. GNUWorld takes full advantage of the design possibilities available with an OOP language, and is well supported by compiler manufacturers. The extensibility of GNUWorld would be impossible without an OOP language.