Undernet GNUworld Interactive Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

How do I give myself admin access to X ?
First you have to edit the cservice.addme.sql script, you will find it in
the doc/ directory of the 'gnuworld' cvs repository.
What you have to do is edit the username who will be added:
	INSERT into users (user_name,password,language_id,last_updated) VALUES ('Admin','07d976a29bdb3ff42e19c102852151b28097bbad',1,now()::abstime::int4);
Change the "Admin" to your preferred username.
After that you run it with this command:
	psql cservice < cservice.addme.sql

Whats the full command to start GNUWorld ? After installation, the binary is contained in the gnuworld/bin directory. If you don't want to see debug output, the best way to run gnuworld is: cd gnuworld/bin ./gnuworld -c -f GNUWorld.conf >/dev/null 2>&1 & The -c option will however log debug output in debug.log and socket.log in the bin/ directory, if you don't want that, just don't use the -c option.

I get this error: PostgreSQL error message: connectDBStart() -- connect() failed: Connection refused Make sure you are starting the PostgreSQL server with the -i parameter (To listen on TCP sockets).

I get this error: checking for libpq++.h... configure: error: Unable to find PostGreSQL Are you sure you have installed PostgreSQL ? It can be downloaded from http://www.postgresql.org Also, ensure you read the PostgreSQL documentation and add the configuration flag --with-CXX to install the PostgreSQL C++ API. We recommend you read our current documentation about it used with GNUworld.

Were can i get the Website module for GNUWorld X ? You can obtain it from CVS: cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gnuworld login (There is no password, just press enter) and tand then type: cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gnuworld checkout website

How can i upgrade GNUWorld without install it again ? To upgrade your GNUWorld version, you go to the gnuworld/ directory and use the CVS command: cvs update -d

How can i have that documentation on my server ? You should find it in gnuworld/doc/idoc directory. Please read the README file first.

I changed number of required supporters in the config but the page doesnt take it This is because the config.inc value is only a "default" one you can restore when you want. When you *FIRST* run the website, and when no "number of supporters required" value is yet set in the database, it reads it from config.inc and stores it as "first default" in the databse, but then, if it exists and has a value in the database, it will NEVER re-read it from the config.inc file unless you specifically ask for it in the 'ACL Manager' page, this is also the place where you can, and should change that value when it has already been set once. To modify this you need a "coder" level (901 or above), go to 'ACL Manager' page, ensure that the "New Regs" are LOCKED, then click on the [Modify] button on the right of the "Required number of supporters", you can here, either reset database value to the current config.inc's one, or set it to something else between 0 and 10. When done, have the "New Regs" unlocked and you have it (dont forget to eventually reload the Channel Registration Page in order to correctly see the changes).

My website is doing errors complaining about 'tz_setting' and/or 'acl', how do i fix this ? Latest patch problem user may encouter is the "timezone" setting that has been moved to the database instead of being stored in a cookie, this implied changes about the database, added to that a new ACL system came up, replacing the WebAxs page, this also required some database schema modification ... For people upgrading from a version that still had the WebAxs link in the left menu, to the new website version, the one with ACL Manager... you need to : execute the two update_tzmove_r.sql and update_tzmove_l.sql files in gnuworld/doc directory, respectively to remote (cservice) and local (local_db) databases, psql cservice < update_tzmove_r.sql psql local_db < update_tzmove_l.sql then if you would examine the other cservice.sql or cservice.web.sql files you would notice the following changes are also required in the remote database (cservice): Run psql cservice and type the following at the cservice:=# prompt : CREATE TABLE acl ( acl_id SERIAL, user_id INT4 NOT NULL, isstaff INT2 NOT NULL, flags INT4 DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, xtra INT4 NOT NULL, last_updated INT4 NOT NULL, last_updated_by INT4 NOT NULL, suspend_expire INT4 DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, suspend_by INT4 DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, deleted INT2 DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL ); ALTER TABLE pendingusers ADD poster_ip VARCHAR(15) DEFAULT ''; ALTER TABLE users ADD maxlogins INT4 DEFAULT 1;

I enabled 'NOTES' in my config.inc file and the page is doing errors about it This feature was added recently, in order to handle it properly you need the latest CVS version of GNUworld (mod.cservice) and of the website. If the errors are complaining about a "notes" thing missing somewhere, it's probably because that new table is not created in your remote database structure (cservice): Run psql cservice and type the following at the cservice:=# prompt : CREATE TABLE notes ( message_id SERIAL, user_id INT4 CONSTRAINT users_notes_ref REFERENCES users( id ), from_user_id INT4 CONSTRAINT users_notes_ref REFERENCES users( id ), message VARCHAR( 300 ), last_updated INT4 NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(message_id, user_id) );

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