Undernet GNUworld Interactive Installation Guide


Welcome to the Undernet GNUworld Interactive Installation Guide.

The purpose of that page is to provide a targeted help, using your own specifications,
on how to install GNUworld properly onto your system.

This help covers only the two most common types of Operating Systems, Linux and FreeBSD.

If you wish to share your experiences on other systems, like SunOS or HPUX etc.. of working installations
using modified parameters of this HOWTO, please let me know, this may get included.

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  2. Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
  3. Upgrading GNUworld
  4. Credits

GNUworld Homepage			: http://www.gnuworld.org/
Undernet Coder-Comittee Homepage	: http://coder-com.undernet.org/
Undernet Homepage			: http://www.undernet.org/
Undernet CService Website Interface	: http://cservice.undernet.org/live/
Undernet CService Website		: http://cservice.undernet.org/

If you have any questions about GNUworld,
or other's Coder-Comittee projects such as ircu2.10.x,

you can either :
	- post your questions to coder-com@undernet.org,
	- join the Undernet IRC Network
		use either eu.undernet.org or us.undernet.org or the Undernet servers list,
		depending on your location, as your IRC server (port 6667)
		and /join #coder-com.
	- view discussions and post your questions on the Undernet Coder-Comittee Forum

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