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What follows is everything from a high-level design description to the low-level implementation details. Many (eventually all) of the classes used in GNUWorld are described in some detail.

Each class begins with a brief description of purpose and functioning, followed by description of methods and data, where appropriate.

These pages are the primary point of reference for developers looking to use and extend the power of GNUWorld's server and client framework.

API specification
xServer The framework and server proper of GNUWorld
xClient The base class of any and all clients which attach to GNUWorld's server framework
Timer The GNUWorld timer system
Custom Data Storing custom data elements into iClient instances

The GNUWorld framework is still undergoing minor API and procedural changes. Any recommendations, suggestions, questions, or constructive criticisms are welcome.
Please contact us at for direct communication with the GNUWorld developers.